Sari Schorr

It’s a pleasure to be on the road with the wonderful Sari Schorr band opening for King King who have made us feel most welcome. 

Malone Sibun

It’s was a pleasure to play some Hammond and a little piano on the new Malone Sibun album this week. It’s all sounding great and is going to be a superb album!

Elles Bailey

Touring can be hard work with lots of travelling, hanging around and having to eat the food that you are given which may not necessarily make you feel very well. But what makes touring so nice with Elles Bailey and…

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What a fabulous Lisa Mann tour that was!

Lovely guys and brilliant players. Lisa is as equally awesome (and I don’t use that word lightly) a vocalist as she is on the electric bass and her song writing is up there too. Thanks also Dudley Ross and Mike…

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Ronnie Scott’s Blues Explosion!

What a great place to play and with this bunch of fine players! I’m very fortunate to be depping for Paddy for this Sunday’s sold out show. 


Elles Bailey

I’m very happy to have been invited to cover for the incredible Jonny Henderson in the Elles Bailey band for this evenings sold out show. Elles is a great singer and the band is also fabulous so check her album…

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Mike Ross Band

I’ve just returned home from a mini tour playing organ and organ bass with this trio. The highlight being The Great British Rock & Blues Festival at Skegness where we were offered main stage next year. Mike is one to…

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Joe Louis Walker

I'm thrilled to be asked to do some shows with Joe Louis Walker next year. Gigs with be announced soon.